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Mausingfield Receiver - Bolt Action 338LM - DLC
Mausingfield Bolt Action - Short Action .589 Bolt Face (338LM, 300NM, 338NM)   Boast..
Ex Tax: $2,081.82
In Stock
Mausingfield Receiver - Bolt Action Long
Mausingfield Bolt Action - Long Action .536 Bolt Face (300WIN - 3.78" Mag Length)  ..
Ex Tax: $2,081.82
In Stock
Borden Timberline Receiver
Borden Accuracy Timberline Long Action Magnum Repeater Action Picatinny Rail ..
Ex Tax: $2,263.64
Surgeon 1086R Long Action
Surgeon 1086 long, repeater action has .550" bolt face diameter to fit a .300 Wincheste..
Ex Tax: $1,545.45
Surgeon 1581XL-R Lap
HUGE REDUCTION IN PRICE! - Limited to what is in stock only. Surgeon 1581 extra long, re..
Ex Tax: $2,454.55