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BackM10 QD-L Scope Mount - 30mm High 20MOA

M10 QD-L Scope Mount - 30mm High 20MOA
M10 QD-L Scope Mount - 30mm High 20MOA M10 QD-L Scope Mount - 30mm High 20MOA M10 QD-L Scope Mount - 30mm High 20MOA
Brand: American Rifle Company (ARC)
Product Code: M10 QD-L 30mm High 20MOA
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The M10 series is the most comprehensively engineered scope mounting solution on the market and offers the following unprecedented list of features:

  • One-Piece Design
  • Quick Detachable
  • 30mm Scope Tube
  • High (40mm)
  • 20MOA Inclination
  • QD pivoting rail clamp is faster and holds tighter than levers while accommodating variations in rail size without the need for adjustment.
  • Crowned rail interface for precise return to zero.
  • Recoil proof grip that will not mar or indent the scope tube.
  • With only one rail clamp screw and one scope clamp screw per ring, installation is quick and easy, and retical alignment is preserved while tightening screws.
  • Single recoil slot engagement and  0.83” (21mm) ring width offers greater eye-relief adjustment.
  • CNC machined from high-strength, light-weight 7075 aluminum.
  • Anodized per Mil-A-8625 Type III (hardcoat).
  • All stainless steel hardware including high-strength 410 stainless rail clamp screw.
  • Recommended torque for both rail clamp and scope clamp screws is 50-55 in-lbs (5.6-6.2 Nm).
  • M10 Rings are available in 1", 30, 34, 35, and 40mm diameters in heights ranging from 20 to 36mm. 
  • M10 QD-L Mounts are available in 30, 34, and 35mm diameters, 35 and 40 mm heights, and inclinations rangining from 0 to 40 MOA.
  • Height is the distance between the top of the rail and the center of the scope ring.

Proudly made in the USA, American Rifle Company’s M10 QD-L is designed for use with rifles having full length rails.

The M10 QD-L features two innovative spring-loaded, pivoting rail clamps.  Due to the high placement of the pivot and the design's inherently low friction, the pivoting clamps impart the majority of the clamping force upon the rail, not the ring.  The resulting efficiency enables tighter clamping than that offered by conventional levers.  Moreover, the pivoting rail clamps won't get stuck like levers do and don't need to be adjusted for variations in rail size.  They offer real QD functionality enabling the shooter to remove and reattach a scope in seconds. The thumb screws are made from 410 stainless steel and are captivated by an O-ring so you won't lose them.  Their knurled and comparatively inconspicuous design offers a secure grip while making them less prone than levers to snagging equipment or brush.

The M10 QD-L features a crowned-rail interface which precisely and correctly engaged rails, even those which fail to meet Mil and STANAG specification. The result is excellent return-to-zero performance.

The M10 QD-L is offered in an unprecedented array of sizes.  Choose between 30, 34, and 35mm diameters in either 35mm (1.38") or 40mm (1.57") heights.  Each combination of diameter and height is available with inclination of 0, 20, or 30 MOA.  The height is the distance from the top of the rail to optical center and is defined at the center of the aft ring.

The M10 QD-L holds firmly without marring or indenting the scope.

The uniquely split rings of the M10 QD-L maintain reticle alignment during scope installation while their low profile leaves the shooter with a clear view of the turrets.

Extremely strong and light-weight the M10 QD-L is CNC machined from 7075 aluminum alloy and anodized with a mil-spec hard coat for excellent corrosion resistance and a matte-black finish.

Stainless steel hardware is used throughout.

Torque spec:  5.6 N-m (50 in-lbs) on scope clamp screws.  Maximum finger tight on rail clamp thumb screws.

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