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BackSig Sauer SSG3000 AM - 308WIN

Sig Sauer SSG3000 AM - 308WIN
Sig Sauer SSG3000 AM - 308WIN Sig Sauer SSG3000 AM - 308WIN Sig Sauer SSG3000 AM - 308WIN
Brand: Sig Sauer
Product Code: SSG3000AM
Availability: In Stock
Price: $5,600.00
Ex Tax: $5,090.91
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  • 308WIN
  • 23.5" Barrel
  • 1-11 Twist
  • Terminator Muzzle Brake
  • Interchangeable Barrel
  • Folding Stock
  • Intergrated Monopod
  • Long Action Length allowing customisable calibres with extra long seating depths

The Amazing Sig Sauer SSG3000 is now available in the equally impressive Accurate Mag SporT-Tact Chassis System.

The SSG3000 Has been synomous with amazing accuracy and legendary build quality as is expected with German Made Rifles.

This rifle is in huge demand however is no longer available at this time therefore it is extremely rare to imporssible to find BRAND NEW.  FIrtunately we have managed to secure some of the very last available from the Made in Germany stock via Accurate Mag who have manufactured their high end chassis system only adding to the incredible accuracy and ergonomics of this amazing platfrom.

The SporT-Tact line of sporting tactical rifle chassis has been developed from Military requirements and the needs of long range hunting enthusiasts. The approach to the design of the chassis line was to keep the three major component groups completely modular (Butt-Stock, Center Section and For-End) to allow a mix and match scenario to satisfy any solicitation or sporting requirement.


The SSG 3000 receiver is made from a single billet of steel to help ensure rigidity and features an integral 0-MOA Picatinny rail for precise scope mounting. 


It comes with a forged barrel which is easily removable using the supplied wrench.

The barrel is held true by way of three 5mm Allen-head screws mounted on the bottom of the receiver. 


The bolt is forged in one piece and locks into the barrel extension using 6 lugs (2 x 3).  This design allows a very impressive and fast 60 degree bolt lift allowing for faster follow up shots.


The rifle also features a fully adjustable two stage trigger allowing the operator to set to their desired weight, pull and creep.


The barrel has four-groove rifling, and its 1-in-11-inch, left-hand twist rate


The rifle’s metal parts are finished in black oxide.


PLEASE NOTE: We can only ship this to a dealer. Please contact us if you would like to purchase so we can discuss your dealer of choice and calculate accurate freight.  

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