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Ballistic Performance of Rifle Bullets – Bryan Litz

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Modern rifles have reached an unprecedented level of accuracy. In many cases, the weak link in the chain of hitting targets is the trajectory modeling, which is based on bullet performance. Unfortunately, not all bullet companies are up to the task of providing highly accurate Ballistic Coefficients (BCs). In many cases, slight inaccuracies in BC can be the cause of missing your target. Furthermore, a meaningful apples-to-apples comparison of bullet performance is not possible when the BCs are determined differently by various brands. 

This book provides highly accurate ballistic performance data for 400 modern long range bullets from .224 to .408 caliber. The Ballistic Coefficient data is based on live fire testing methods which are repeatable within +/- 1%. By employing a common testing method for bullets of all brands, shooters are provided with consistent and accurate performance data which can be used to compare and select bullets, as well as to calculate accurate trajectories which put your shots on target at long range. Detailed stability data is also included which can be used to determine suitable twist rates for bullets in various environments.

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