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FatBoy Elevate Two Section Tripod

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FatBoy Inverted Leg Tripod constructed of high quality carbon fibre and aluminium.

Lightweight, easy to use and handle and durable.

This tripod and all FatBoy tripods have non crossing, extendable legs.

The inverted leg design allows for faster deployment.

Solid build allows for a heavy load without issue.

Measurement Two Section
Weight with bowl 5lb 14 oz
Weight without bowl 5lb 10 oz
Legs  3
Legs extended & spread 66″
Legs extended & not spread 71.5″
Legs collapsed and spread to top of threads 36.25″
Footprint width legs fully collapsed 30″
Footprint width legs fully extended 55″
Leg thickness from widest to most narrow 1.68″ or 42.8mm

1.52″ or 38.75mm

Wide leg locks 49mm
Tube diamater  42.5mm
Leg adjustment tabs  Locking Tabs
Feet  47.5 mm Rubber Feet with Integrated Spikes
Spike length .5″
Whats included  Tripod & Tripod Bag
Max weight rating  150lbs
Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 105 × 20 × 20 cm


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