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Ideal Scope Mount System (ISMS) SP-4901

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SPUHR Ideal Scope Mount System (ISMS)

34mm Ring Size


Height 30mm/1.18″

For Picatinny Rail

This mount is machined from one piece solid billet, in Aluminium 7075 T651, which is one of the strongest aluminium grades available. The strength is better than lower grades of steel.


SPUHR make the mount a “One Piece” without any joints or screws, to prevent them from coming loose.


The ring is 32mm (1,25”) long and designed to give maximum support to the scope.  They have been proven in a variety of brutal calibres including .300 WM .338 LM and .50 BMG.

The rings are grooved on the inside to give maximum grip around the scope tube but also providing room for glue for those who prefer to glue their scopes.

SPUHR make in excess of 25 various models of mounts, and regardless what version of mount you chose, the basic idea is the same and the extreme flexibility of the mount will remain.


You can purchase a mount today and then return to some years later for additional attachments if required.

Schmidt & Bender PMII
SPUHR is ideal for scopes like the S&B PMll series which have an extremely short main tube, making mounting of various attachments very difficult using conventional mounts. With the SPUHR system you can mount a variety of attachments without restriction.

A shooter should always be able to see his knobs without moving his head too much. This is especially difficult in S&B PMll single turn scopes as their knobs have a low profile. SPUHR’s patent-pending 45 degree design allows turret adjustments to be made and checked with minimal head movement. This feature provides a square mount that makes is easier for the operator to see if he is accidently canting the gun.

The Wedge
Rotation (levelling) of the scope is extremely important on a long range rifle. SPUHR has invented a mechanical solution insuring perfect rotation: a simple 10-degree “wedge” that is inserted into a 10-degree slot in the mount when the scope is being mounted.  It works against the flat underside of the scope; which on quality scopes is indexed to both the reticule and the turrets movements.

For truly accurate rifles the removal and reinstallation of optics should be avoided or minimised, regardless of who made the mounts. There is always a chance that it not will return to a true zero, especially if the user has failed to clean some dirt on the rail or the mount. In some cases however, the detachment of optics cannot be avoided.  

SPUHR’s solution: numbered screw holes so that the user is attaching the screws in the same order each time.  Additionally, thy have included a small index mark so the user torque the screw to the same place every time. This is more effective than relying on a torque wrench alone as it is dependent on temperature, oil and dirt and other things that can alter the friction.

SPUHR have also included a limited attachment point for mounting to a Picatinny/Nato rail further enhance repeatability.

Built in Level
SPUHR have integrated an anti-cant level directly into the mount.  A quick glance with your left eye gives you an instant cant reading without affecting your shooting position.  The level is built into the rear of the mount and is therefore always protected and never at risk of being broken off or accidently re-adjusted in any way.

SPUHR keep weight to a minimum.  They remove any excess material where possible without sacrificing strength or durability.  The result is a sturdy look that surprises everybody with it’s relative low weight.

SPUHR Interface
Each mount has a total of 7-8 interfaces where almost anything can be attached. The interface consists of two threaded M4 holes with a conical hole surrounding it. The attachment does have two conical rings that fit into the conical hole allowing for zero play.

SPUHR’s design allows for up to 3 feet of picatinny rails to be attached all over the mount.  The built in attachment points provide the user the opportunity to mount a variety of interfaces for picatinny rail, Direct interfaces for Trijicon RMR, Doctor mounts , Simrad NV equipment , FLIR thermal attachments etc. There are no limitations to what can be attached.

Direct Mounting
Wherever possible, direct mounting is preferred as it eliminates the possibility of picatinny rails coming loose.

Aside from SPUHR’s standard Picatinny compatible mounts they also manufacture a series of direct mounts for SAKO TRG, Tikka T3, Accuracy International, Sauer SSG/STR.

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