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Monopod – Rail Mount BT13QK

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Mid height PRM with QK03 Quick Knob. Elevation Range 3.75 – 4.85” (12.06cm – 14.35cm). Weight 235 grams.


How to determine best size Accu-Shot Precision Monopod

Please understand that no monopod will be useful across the wide range of shooting situations found in the field.  The monopod is offered as an aid, to be used when applicable, not as an answer all. With this in mind, the best we can hope for is to realize a benefit from the Accu-Shot during 85 – 95% of prone shooting and 95-100% from the bench. There are methods to increase the application of the Accu-Shot in fluid or dynamic situations which follow the sizing instructions.

To determine the best monopod for your application the following is offered as a guideline if using a bipod. If you are using another form of front rest, the same procedure applies. You will need something to measure with and a flat level surface.

Set you rifle up on a flat level surface such as a table or shooting bench with the bipod set at the height you most commonly use.  Then hold the rifle bore as close to level as possible.  Then maintain this position of the rifle while you measure the distance from the point where the monopod attaches (Rear sling stud position measured from the stock or from the flat surface of the rail) down to the supporting flat surface. Then the ideal monopod will give you adjustment on both sides of this measurement.

One consideration you should make is the terrain where you will be using it, if doing range work, measure it there. If Prairie Dog hunting, then try to get a measurement on your next trip or reference the rest you used on your last trip.

Height Ranges on Monopods:


Elevation Range 3.30 – 4.45″

Elevation Range 3.50 – 4.65″

BT04 Locking
Elevation Range 3.60 – 4.75″

BT04-QK Locking
Elevation Range 3.75 – 4.85″

BT05-QK Locking
Elevation Range 4.80 – 5.85″

BT06-QK Locking
Elevation Range 5.70 – 6.85″


Elevation Range 3.60 – 4.85″

Elevation Range 3.75 – 4.65″

Elevation Range 4.75 – 5.65″

Elevation Range 5.65 – 6.60″


Elevation Range 3.35 – 4.65″

Elevation Range 3.60 – 4.55″

Elevation Range 3.60 – 4.85″

Elevation Range 3.75 – 4.65″


Application in Target Rich Environments or Dynamic situations.

Use the leg in a pivoting motion. Grab the knob with the heel of your hand making contact with the supporting surface. As you move your hand back, the rifle butt will be raised, when the hand moves forward, the butt is lowered. Panning is controlled by the same hand at the same time. This allows for fluid observation and rapid engagements over a wide target area and full range of elevations including moving targets.

Method to Increase Elevation

When the leg is fully extended and more elevation is required, simply drop the hand down on the knob, allowing one, two or three fingers to curl around below the base of the knob will give another 1-1.5” of elevation. While not as stable as having the knob in contact with the surface, it is a very solid position.

Shooting from a Barricade position

As the Accu-Shot is not required to support the rifle in this position, use it in the folded position by placing the bottom of the knob into the palm of your hand it becomes a “hook” allowing you to control the rifle and to pull it into your shoulder pocket.

High Angle Shooting

With a bipod deployed and resting on say, a window sill, having the leg fully extended, the knob becomes an extension of the stock allowing the operator the ability to hold the knob and completely control the rifle, gaining the ability to engage targets at very high angles. This method came from the field, 4 stories high engaged targets on same side of street.

One other item worth mentioning is that in use the rifle is initially supported by the trigger hand and elbow for initial target acquisition, during this same time the offhand is deploying the monopod leg. Once the target is acquired the Accu-Shot leg is quickly adjusted until it touches the deck, the rifle is then rested on the monopod. Then the operator makes finial adjustments into the precise sight picture.  It is best to never remove your off hand from the Accu-Shot monopod leg while firing the weapon. Use it to control the sight picture while the other hand controls the feeding (where required) and trigger.   It is not a good practice to adjust the monopod leg to get the perfect sight picture, then removing you hand to hold the rifle stock in another area. Try keeping your hand on the monopod leg, with the recoil pad firmly in your shoulder pocket while concentrating on the trigger break. With practice you will find yourself ready to go to trigger just as quick as the action is locked. 

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