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Ocular Flip Cover – UAC005-FCR-FP

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Tenebraex Ocular Flip Cover

Find the right cover for your scope:

For the following Scopes:

Bushnell XRS II 4.5-30x50mm
GPO GPOTAC 6X 1-6x24i
GPO GPOTAC 8X 1-8x24i
GPO Passion 6x 1-6x24i
GPO Passion 6x 2.5-15x50i
GPO Passion 6x 2.5-15x56i
GPO Passion 8x 1-8x24i
Hawke Endurance 2.5-10×50
Hawke Endurance 4-16×50
Hawke Endurance 6-24×50
Kahles 1050i FT 10-50 x 56
Kahles 1050i FT s 10-50 x 56
Kahles Helia 2.4-12x56i
Kahles Helia 2-10x50i
Kahles Helia 5 (1.6-8x42i)
Kahles Helia 5 (1-5×24)
Kahles Helia 5 (2.4-12x56i)
Kahles Helia 5 (2.5-10×50)
Kahles K15i  1-5×24
Kahles K16i  1-6×24
Kahles K318i 3.5-18x50i
Kahles K525i 5-25×56
Leica ER 6.5-26×56 LRS
Leica ERi 2.5-10x42i
Leica ERi 3-12x50i
Leica Visus 1-4×24
Leica Visus 1-4x24i
Leica Visus 2.5-10×42
Leica Visus 2.5-10x42i
Leica Visus 3-12×50
Leica Visus 3-12x50i
Nightforce ATACR 1-8×24
Nightforce ATACR 5-25×56 F1 (46MM Ocular Tube)
Nightforce BEAST 5-25×56 F1
Noblex N6 1-6X24
Noblex N6 2.5-15×56
Noblex N6 2-12×50
Schmidt & Bender 4-16×56 Polar T96
Sig Sauer TANGO6 1-6×24
Sig Sauer TANGO6 3-18×44
Sig Sauer TANGO6 4-24×50
Swarovski DS 5-25x52P
Swarovski Z8 1.7-13.3×42
Swarovski Z8 1-8×24
Swarovski Z8 2.3-18×56
Swarovski Z8 2-16×50
Swarovski Z8i 1-8×24
Vortex Razor HD Gen III 1-10×24
Vortex Viper PST Gen II 1-6×24
Vortex Viper PST Gen II 2-10×32
Vortex Viper PST Gen II 3-15×44
Vortex Viper PST Gen II 5-25×50
Zeiss Conquest V6 1.1-6×24
Zeiss Conquest V6 2.5-15×56
Zeiss Conquest V6 2-12×50
Zeiss Conquest V6 3-18×50
Zeiss Conquest V6 5-30×50
Zeiss Victory V8 4.8-35×60


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