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Lithgow CrossOver Trigger & Sear Spring

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Lithgow Arms CrossOver Trigger Spring and Sear Spring

A new trigger spring (pull) to replace the original rated by Lithgow Arms at ~2kg (4.4 lbs). Our spring break cleanly and consistently at ~730g (1.6 lbs)* when installed correctly**.

These triggers aren’t adjustable, the only method to safely achieve a lighter pull weight is to replace the trigger spring with a properly designed lighter and slightly longer replacement. We are currently testing a new sear spring to remove a lot of the excess travel.

* Results may vary slightly between individual rifles and trigger pull gauges. Our pull weight measured using an RCBS gauge.

** We supply replacement springs only. If unsure on installation, we highly recommend having a competent gunsmith do the job. Slight variations between different rifles may result in an unsafe trigger when fitting these springs. Always ensure the rifle is unloaded before commencing work and test trigger function extensively upon reassembly.

Weight 0.015 kg

6 reviews for Lithgow CrossOver Trigger & Sear Spring

  1. CustomPC

    My one and only critisism of the Lithgow Crossover is the heavy (2kg) non-adjustable trigger.

    This replacement trigger kit makes a massive difference. The weight of pull is reduced significantly. There is still some creep but its way better that it was out of the box.

    Installation was not hard but requires some manual dexterity and proper hand tools.

  2. Alfred

    Thanks, your kit arrived!

    But no instructions!

    I’ve got a fair selection of hand-tools, punches, hex keys, etc, but I can’t remove the screw holding the trigger group to the receiver.

    It appears to be glued in. I removed the blue glue from the hex opening in the screw head.

    But fitting an Allen key to the screw head won’t turn. I exerted strong "finger-force" (i.e no extra leverage like a pipe, etc) to the Allen key, but I don’t want to exert too much pressure in case I break it.

    Help with instructions, please?

    DTAC: Hi Alfred, please contact us to work through the solution.

  3. Andrew

    Hi Guys, I installed my springs today. My first rifle and first time doing anything like this on it. It was straight forward if you have done any similar work on engines or models, just pay attention to what goes where. Took me about 30 min from go to whoa, The trigger now feels amazing… I’ll install the other "bling" on the weekend. Thank you very much, a fantastic rifle now even better. Andrew

  4. Ian

    Had the new spring inserted yesterday by a local gun smith ($40) well worth it. I am very impressed with the new spings. I have lifted my point average, I only have to slightly squize the trigger not pull the trigger. Well worth the extra $$. My son has now claimed my Crossover.

  5. Ian

    Had the new spings installed yesterday by a gunsmith yesterday ($40). Went to the range today and found a very responsive trigger. My competition score scored better than my average. I found that I an squeezing the trigger not pulling it. Love it, do it.

  6. Andy

    Took me 30-40 min to install ( you have to disassemble the whole trigger assembly) tested it after with a Lyman trigger pull gauge first average (3 dry fires) was 1.8lb second average was 1.5lb. Very Happy.

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