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SORD / LVG – Enhanced Shooting Mat

$250.00 Inc. GST

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Suitable for use in:

  • Military / Police applications, will fit in a day pack, stay out of the mud.
  • F Class competitions, good overall coverage. Access to data.
  • Hunting, multi use for glassing / shooting / hanging out around the fire.


  • Closed cell foam coverage in the correct areas, not THE WHOLE THING like most mats, most of which your body never comes into contact with.
  • Grip fabric in the elbow, upper chest area to support positional prone slung shooting and to help control rear bags during recoil.
  • Practical coverage, we cut it at the shins because your shoes are designed to be on the ground… Why have a shooting mat that’s 1/4 acre when you only take up a slither.
  • Removable, clear plastic windowed DOPE / Range card / Data board panel, Velcro’s into the under chin area for quick reference.
  • Zippered open storage pocket for spent casings, keep your Kestrel and LRF out of the sun, data book etc.
  • Removable ‘Bipod Loading Strap’ that is adjustable and user configurable for either Right or Left handed shooters.
  • Z Fold design, packs down small for it’s size! Quick to deploy, quick to pack up.
  • A-Tacs IX 500 Denier fabric top layer exclusively for LVG and Coyote Brown 500D fabric on the bottom surface, can be used inverted without access to storage and grip features if your range rules prohibit the use of camouflage items.
  • Depending on your level of Pogueness, can be used as a sleeping pad.
  • Peg tie out loops in 4 corners secure for use in high winds.
  • Discreet, Velcro shut peg sleeve located at the bottom edge of the ESM will hold easily 4 standard sized alloy tent pegs (not included)
  • Rugged, ‘light weight’ compared to some others, practical, feature packed.
  • Made by SORD with extreme quality materials.

Measures 163cm Long, 84cm Wide when open.

Weight 0.9 kg


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