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Tikka T1x, T3, T3x and Sako 75, 85, A7, S20 – trigger springs

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Tikka T1x, T3, T3x and Sako 75 , 85 , A7, S20

Trigger Spring Kit (pull weights of 1lb, 1.5lbs and 2lbs)

This kit includes 3 trigger springs, ultralight, light and medium (1 of each). These springs will replace your original Tikka T1x, T3, T3x and Sako 75, 85, A7, S20 trigger spring and achieve a range of pull weights starting at 1lb which are repeatable, safe and break cleanly every time. This is compared to the factory spring which achieves at best 2lbs when adjusted to the minimum safe setting. These triggers are excellent for a factory produced rifle, and in our view it is well worth spending $15 to realise the pull weight you desire before investing hundreds of dollars on an aftermarket trigger.

Made from quality spring steel wire and plated for both easy identification and to maximize corrosion resistance. Our ultralight springs break cleanly and consistently at the listed pull weights* when installed correctly**. Further improvements are possible by polishing the internal trigger components with varying grits of rouge compounds on a sisal wheel / buff.

  • Ultralight ~1lb (gold color)
  • Light ~1.5lb (silver color)
  • Medium ~2lb (black color)

* Results may vary slightly between individual rifles and trigger pull gauges. Our pull weight is measured using an RCBS gauge.

** We supply replacement springs only. If unsure on installation, we highly recommend having a qualified and competent gunsmith do the job. Slight variations between different rifles may result in an unsafe trigger when fitting these springs. Always ensure the rifle is unloaded before commencing work and test trigger function extensively upon reassembly whilst rifle is unloaded. Slam closing the bolt and dropping the rifle onto the buttpad (both whilst unloaded) is imperative. Adjust the grub screw until a safe trigger is achieved.

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