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Tikka Titanium Recoil Lug

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Tikka T3 Titanium Recoil Lug

  • CNC machined from Grade 5 titanium alloy billet
  • High strength to weight ratio, with excellent surface hardness
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance
  • CNC machined to within +/- 0.01mm flatness
  • Deliberately machined slightly thicker than the original aluminum lug for a no-slop fit to the action slot (often a ‘tap-in’ fit)

The Tikka T3 is a well made rifle, sporting a super-slick action, quality hammer-forged barrels made by SAKO and a decent adjustable trigger. However they are let down by cheap stocks and non-existent bedding. Most of them shoot fantastically out of the box, but in our experience they can shoot better by correcting the poorly fitting aluminum lug which often dents and deforms under heavy recoil, especially larger calibers. This doesn’t take a lot of money, time or special skills to fix for good however some fitting may be required. Our titanium recoil lug is precision machined for a tighter fit to the slot in your action than the sloppy original aluminum unit. Our lug may need to be tapped into this slot with a nylon or rubber tipped hammer.


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