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Orange Bench Vise Maintenance and Barrel Change Package

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Since the early days of Area 419 we have been using Orange Vise tools in our vertical and now horizontal milling centers. When we realized about a year ago they made a bench vise, we had to have one (or a few?) to go in the shop. When it showed up and was absolutely awesome, we knew one would end up in the Vault, and wanted to find ways to make it perfect for ourselves. These vises come with a 5″ CarveSmart dovetail style jaw set, which we know are meant to be modified – and we ain’t soft.

What we landed on was a jaw set that was able to:

  • Hold onto ARCALOCK (as well as standard ARCA) rails
  • Hold onto Picatinny/1913/Weaver rails
  • Hold onto 700-style (and basically all other) bolts
  • Incorporate a barrel-bushing system for swapping barrels in and out of receivers
  • All the other general vise stuff you might expect

Our barrel bushing kit comes with 4 bushing sets, as well as a storage block:

  • 1.000″
  • 1.200″
  • 1.250″
  • Universal V-Block, good for .750″ to 1.750″ barrel diameter

We suggest you have a 1/4″ and 5/32″ Hex Key that live on the bench near the vise. The 5/32″ won’t see much use, but the 1/4″ is really handy for positioning.

The Orange Bench Vise applies clamping force linearly based on the position of the handle after a workpiece is gripped:

1/8 turn: 750 lbs

    • 1/4 turn: 1500 lbs
    • 3/8 turn: 2250 lbs
    • 1/2 turn: 3000 lbs (max)

The maximum force of the vise is limited by the axial load rating of the NTN thrust bearing.

Orange also offers a robust warranty on the vise.

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY against defects in materials and workmanship
  • Accidental Damage Replacement Program – email us for special pricing on replacement components at significantly reduced pricing (50% off for most components except bearings)

When combined with the incredible positional versatility of the Orange Vise, we think it’s the perfect rifle vise kit.


NOTE: This is NOT your grandpa’s steel Wilton vise that is meant for welding and 2lb steel hammers. It’s a very robust, beautiful, consistent, useful vise. It’s not a fab-shop vise. Please, don’t do anything stupid. 

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 56.0 × 37.0 × 29.0 cm


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