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Whiskey 3 Chassis Rem700 LA Gen 6 FDE

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Whiskey – 3 Chassis (W3C) GENERATION 6 – Long Action

The Whiskey-3 Chassis (W3C) (new Generation 6 starting Jan 2018) is one of the premier chassis available for your bolt action precision rifle.

The W3C combines precise aluminum bedding with tool-less adjustments, durability, and excellent ergonomics. Right out of the box it allows the use of AICS style magazines (not included) in your rifle without any special bottom metal.

Numerous types of accessories can be added to the many attachment points, including handstops, sling mounts, rails, bipods, monopods, and more.

Our modular grip panels allow the shooter to tailor the fit of the stock to his/her hand which, combined with the other adjustments, yield a stock set up exactly as it needs to be for that particular shooter.

***New Gen 6 is shipping now in fixed stock version. The major change is a new length-of-pull locking mechanism that is a bit more streamlined than the gen 5.

The W3C Gen 6 is available as of Jan 2018 in fixed and folding stock versions for the following rifles:

  • Tikka T3/T3x/CTR/etc (short action calibers only)
  • Remington 700 short and long action.
  • Sako TRG-22 and TRG-42
  • Sako M995
  • Badger 2008/13 Long Action

*The Tikka inlet accepts T3, T3x, and CTR versions (basically all short action caliber T3 variants). Tikka rifles accept AICS pattern mags with the exception of the Magpul AICS polymer mags.

**All of our chassis take AICS magazines with nothing extra needed, the magazine is not included.

***Remington 700 long action chassis takes AICS pattern 3.850″ length magazines.

The Whiskey-3 Chassis (W3C) (Generation 6 Chassis)Forend:

Polymer to keep your hand away from hot metal in the summer and cold metal in the winter

Threaded mounting holes at various positions, total of 15-20.

Access hole for action mounting screw, so you can remove the action without removing forend.

Side mounting options for rail, flush mount QD sling plate, external QD cup, etc on both sides of forend.


V-bedding (Tikka) or Radius (Rem 700) system which is CNC’d into aluminum backbone for consistent contact between action and chassis.

Hardened stainless steel recoil lug instead of aluminum ones found on stock T3’s.

Rem 700 version can accommodate most large aftermarket recoil lugs like the Badger Ordnance lug without any or with only slight modification.

Designed for 5 or 10 round AICS magazines (with or without front spacer plate in T3, with spacer plate only in Rem 700 unless you have a modified action); Rem 700 LA now uses 3.850″ length AICS pattern magazines.

Barrel contours accepted: 1.25″ for 4″ in front of action face, then 1.20″ straight to end of forend. A 1.25″ straight cylinder barrel will fit but we feel that the clearance is too minimal. We recommend using no larger than a varmint contour to keep proper balance.

Trigger Guard/Mag catch:

Similar in shape to TRG trigger guard but made of reinforced polymer instead of Delrin (Tikka T3 chassis uses aluminum triggerguard).

Will accept Barnard trigger for T3 as well as factory trigger.

Rem 700 version will accept the new x-mark triggers and most aftermarket triggers but some aftermarket triggers may require modifications to the trigger or chassis.

Mag catch is our new low profile version which reduces snags while still providing excellent ergonomics and control.

Magazines Used:

Remington 700 short action and Tikka T3 use AICS .308 mag in either 5 or 10 rd capacity. Accuracy International part numbers 3901 and 3902 respectively.

Remington 700 long action and Badger M2008/13 long action use AICS pattern 3.850″ length length magazines, a .300wm version is available from Accurate Mag and the Accuracy International AICS .338 CIP mags can be used as well. AI part number 4808 (bend in feedlips to use with smaller cartidges like .300 WM).

Magazines are not included. We recommend actual Accuracy International magazines or those from Accurate Mag.

Folding Mechanism (not applicable for fixed stock):

Main latch uses proven tapered lever style lockup.

Secondary latch locks buttstock in folded position.

Spring loaded plungers lock automatically.

Tapered design of primary latch allows tight lockup through wear of the system.

Latch components made of hardened stainless steel and nitrided high strength chromoly steel.


Infinitely adjustable within range (1” travel). You are not locked into set positions.

Cheekpiece can be quickly removed and re-installed, uses a clamp and thumbscrew design.

Includes a simple feature to make the cheekpiece return to the exact height you set it.

Cheekpiece can be moved forward and backward with several mounting positions.

Cheekpiece made of polymer to not transmit heat to or away from your face.

Length of Pull:

Adjustable in ¼” increments with 1 3/4” of adjustment range.

LOP range varies slightly between versions but is roughly 13.3” to 15”.

Uses cam lock and thumbscrew to ensure a solid fit.


CNC milled from billet aluminum.

Entire buttstock assembly can be mounted to KRG chassis X-ray, Bravo, 180-Xray for CZ455, and also Sako TRG-22/42 rifle.


Moves vertically to set positions within range.

Tool-less adjustable.

Buttpad is Remington 700 pattern so user can install aftermarket pre-fit pads.

Buttpad can tilt 15 degrees to each side (as if looking directly from the rear down the bore).

Mounting features for slings, monopods, etc:

Buttstock has QD sling cup on each side and provisions for other mounting options. Folding stock has one additional QD mount point built in.

Buttstock includes bag rider which can be replaced with included picatinny rail.

Harris bipod stud included on forend.

QD cups can be mounted on any number of positions on sides or bottom of forend.

Optional Accessories:

Large selection of accessories from sling mounts to tripod mounts.



Most aluminum parts are hard anodized (Type III).

All fasteners are stainless steel with black oxide coating.

Steel parts are salt bath nitrided or stainless steel.

Grip panels are injection molded reinforced polymer.


Fixed version is ~ 3.8 lbs w/o magazine.

Folding version is ~ 4.1 lbs w/0 magazine.


Black, FDE, Sako Green.

Weight 2.6 kg


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